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Retailer Power is the application you need to increase your earning potential in the Grocery Store or Convenience Store world. Whether you are a Store Owner, a Distributor, or Manufacturer, Retailer Power can help you! Store Owners will be able to locate the products their customers want by simply searching a repository of all items that our Distributors can provide. Retailer Power will display a list of distributors along with up-to-date product pricing and other useful information so the Owners have the Power to find the best deals for their customers by using Retailer Power.

  • You can find Distributors in your area quickly using Retailer Power

Distributors and Manufacturers will be able to reach brand new markets by using Retailer Power. Since Retailer Power has the most current information from the Distributors, it allows them to offer FLASH Sales or quick Mark Downs to promote slow moving merchandise. Distributors will have complete control over what to publish to our potential buyers putting the Power of Retailer Power in their hands.

  • Do you have a new product you're trying to introduce to the market? Retailer Power allows Store Owners to easily locate your Distributor in their area and provides the opportunity for face time with those Owners.
  • Do you offer on-line ordering? The "My Store" section of Retailer Power allows Owners to access your ordering website saving time for everyone.

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